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Zoom on Cashmere

We've chosen cashmere as the leading fiber in our collections because of its amazing properties. Incredibly soft in touch, light in weight, with a natural ability to drape beautifully. During our journey in search of the best quality cashmere, we also discovered other advantages of this fiber:

it has a natural elasticity, so no need for man-made filaments to create stretchy & comfortable clothes

it is very strong, so with proper care, clothes can last for many years

it absorbs moisture and keeps you dry, warm in winter, and cool in summer. For us, it is a wonderful material to be used in winter and summer collections

it is dustproof and stain-resistant more than other fibers like e.g. cotton

it is resistant to bacteria and mites

And the list is not final... Therefore cashmere has been the best choice for us from the very beginning.

However there are also challenges related to cashmere. It typically gets a bad reputation in the sustainable community due to the unethical practices used to source the soft fibers. We were determined to make a change however. We chose to work with spinning partners that work with farms that took care of their animals, took care of their environments, and took the time to make sure that the fibers they shared with us were 100% natural and ethically sourced.

Please read more about the spinning mills we work with in the next journal.

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