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Our Spinning Mills and Knitters

We’ve chosen our partners with the same level of care that we’ve used to choose each of our designs and materials.

The professional spinning mills we’ve partnered with are by no means ordinary. In fact, they’re fearless pioneers who are transforming the industry as we know it by not only following the highest possible product standards, but also by prioritising sustainability and traceability in every fibre.

Just like us, the two spinning mills that we’ve partnered with care about the environment, and they go above and beyond to protect it for generations to come.

One of our partners is a proud member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, an organisation that’s working towards more sustainable cashmere production on a global scale.

Through a joint-venture with Chinese partners and being located near their pastures, the second mill that we’re partnered with is helping us create higher quality and more sustainable products.

The farms we work with follow strict environmental restrictions that limit the number of goats they can keep per hectare. These goats are able to graze freely without desertification, and are carefully combed once a year when warmer weather returns to Inner Mongolia. Once collected, these fibres are selected by hand and delicately spun into yarn that’s free from toxic chemicals and harsh substances.

To make sure that our knitting partner is still as committed as we are, we visit them at least once a year to check up on the small batches of clothing they produce and the processes they use to do it.

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