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Our Care Guide

Keeping Your Clothing For Life

With the proper love and care, your cashmere and wool knitwear could last you for a lifetime.

Here are the steps we recommend taking to make that a reality.


Store Your Clothes Correctly

Our sustainable cashmere clothing can be stored in the canvas bags that they arrive in. Instead of hanging them in a cupboard, carefully fold them to prevent stretching. When storing your clothes, toss in a sachet of dried lavender to keep them free from clothing moths and smelling lovely every time you wear them.

 Air Before You Wear

We know that you might love your Aware of Wear clothes so much that you simply want to throw them on and head out the door. However, we recommend airing out your knitwear before you wear them to relax the  fibres and keep it feeling soft and fresh. You can do this by placing your garments outside for a few hours, but be sure to avoid direct heat and sunlight.


Don’t Wash Too Often and When You Do, Use Your Hands

Your cashmere and wool knitwear shouldn’t be tossed in the washing machine with the rest of your dirty laundry. We recommend hand-washing, as it's gentler on the soft fibers. Here are some basic tips when it comes to cleaning your cashmere and wool knitwear clothing:

Don’t Use Warm or Hot Water

Higher temperatures can damage the fibers of your cashmere clothing, so use cold or lukewarm water instead.

Use A Mild Detergent

Instead of harsh chemicals, opt for a cashmere shampoo or dye-free detergent instead. Avoid softener – you don’t need it!

Don’t Get It Twisted

Simply swirl your clothing in the water instead of twisting or rubbing the fabric. After leaving it in the water for a few minutes (10 minutes max), it’s time to dry them by following the technique explained below.

Dry Them Delicately

When it comes to the last part in the process of cleaning your cashmere and wool knitwear clothing, you need to put in a little more effort to keep your clothes as luxuriously soft as the day you received them. To do this, dry your garments by rolling them into a soft, thick towel and pressing down as you go along. This will remove any excess water. Then, lay your garment down flat on a dry towel that isn’t in direct light or heat – and allow it to air dry. If you want to remove any potential wrinkles in the fabric, you could steam it or hold an iron about 2cm away from the fabric, allowing the blast of steam to smooth any wrinkles out.


The Problem of Pilling

Have you ever wondered what causes those little balls of fluff that show up after wearing your knitwear for a season or two? Those are pills caused by the friction that comes from wearing your clothes often. That’s why you tend to notice them in the areas that move the most, like under your arms or where you tend to carry your bag or place your seatbelt.


While these tend to be unavoidable, you can easily remove them with a special comb made for cashmere knitwear.

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