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Transforming Fashion 
Into Better Concept

Our story

Aware of Wear is a sustainable fashion brand based in the Netherlands that is transforming the world of fashion as we know it. We produce luxuriously soft and proudly sustainable clothing that you’ll love. 


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At Aware of Wear, we produce clothing that lasts a lifetime – literally! With the proper love and care, your clothing could last for decades to come thanks to our high-quality, sustainably sourced fibers. Inspired by women who admire singular aesthetics everywhere, we built the concept of the brand around the design that brings comfort and a sophisticated look at home and beyond. We believe in slower fashion, smaller quantities, and bigger changes in the world around us.

Aware of Wear was founded by Katarzyna Ziegler in 2020, in Amsterdam, as her own way to create real awareness about the importance of knowing where your clothes – and the materials they’re made of – come from.

Caring About The World

Sustainability is a standard at Aware of Wear, but we do more than just produce sustainable clothes. Here are our 6 core values that we’ve worked hard to achieve with every collection and item we create:

Natural Fibers

Because we only use natural fibers, we can create clothing for women that’s breathable, unbelievably soft, and entirely biodegradable. These natural fibers also do not contain harmful micro-elements that might be released when you hand-wash your garments.

Traceable Sources

We know exactly where our fibers come from. Our materials can be traced all the way from the farms where healthy animals are kept and cared for, to the world-renowned spinning mills in Italy.

Small Batches

We don’t do fast fashion. We produce on a small, made-to-order scale to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Produced In Europe

We’ve opted to work with Italian spinners and clothing manufacturers in Europe to cut down on our CO2 footprint as well as ensure that our products have the quality that can only come from years of experience.

Designed To Be Recycled

Our garments can be sent back into circulation with ease. We’ve also perfected our design process to the point of not needing zips, buttons, or man-made filaments like nylon or polyester.


We work only with the partners who can ensure the highest standards are met in the production and supply of a product .

Caring about the world
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